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Here's what a few client's had to say about their headshots...

"Teren Oddo is a brilliant photographer, and an awesome person! I recommend him to all my friends. He is THEE best photographer to do your headshots. He knows all the right angles, colors, and amount of light to creative eye-catching, attention-grabbing photos that POP! I always get complements on my headshots - from agents, casting directors, and other actors. His creative genius is matched with a savvy business sense to help guide you with the right 'look' to market yourself with. All that -- AND he's a wonderful, charming person, who will make you feel comfortable and gorgeous!"

- Daniel Ryan Spaulding

"Teren was so easy to work with. Every headshot session I've ever had before him was rushed and stressful. Teren makes you feel like you're spending a day at the spa. I was so relaxed and my pictures look great because of it!"

- Theresa Ryan

"Teren Oddo made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. I felt he brought out exactly who I really am starting from the eyes - without needed ridiculous phoney looking makeup or stale poses. I feel confident knowing that when I am called in to audition ,the casting director will see the same person they called in."

- Joelle Arqueros

"I loved my pictures for its quality and diversity. I enjoyed working with Teren and I am truly satisfied about the result. I definitely recommend his work :)"

- Cristina Kirsner

"Concientous professional... has a strong idea about what works... Creates a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere... He's a master of light and colour... Not at all douchey... Positively no pole up this guys ass...

go nuts with em!"

- Moses Robinson

"Teren is an incredible photographer. He always captures the essence of a person. Plus, his studio rocks!"

- Vaughn Lowery

"Teren was so personable and really put me at ease, and we got great shots in no time at all! I've recieved tons of compliments on my photos from producers, casting directors, etc. and have recommended Teren to everyone! Thanks!!"

- Laura Brown

"Working with Teren was great! He is very professional and quick, both with the actual shooting and getting me the images. I love the work we did together, it was just what I needed for my headshot. Not only is it a beautiful picture, it really shows the true me! Everyone who has seen the pictures love them".

- Rebecka Birgersson

"Shooting with Teren was a blast! He has a very down-to-earth approach that makes you feel comfortable and confident in the session (which is so important). I also loved the fact that he's very collaborative, incorporating his own ideas with yours to truly get the best headshot possible. I highly recommend him!"

- Chris Stapleton

"Teren shot my first headshots in LA. The entire experience was both comfortable and professional. The pictures turned out great and gave me multiple theatrical and commercial pictures to choose from. A great experience and great pictures!!"

- Amy

"My experience working with Teren was fantastic. He immediately made me feel comfortable, and the shoot was tons of fun, as well as quick, and productive. I loved all the pictures he gave me so much, I had to ask my agent to pick the ones to use. He said he's never had any easier time picking headshots, and I have more auditions than I've ever had before. I will definitely go back to Teren for my next shots, but thanks to him, that won't be for a while"

- Rachel Hardisty

"Thanks so much Teren. I've received nothing but positive responses from my headshots. Everybody absolutely loves them. I just signed with a new theatrical and commercial agent and because my film was so versatile, they were able to find shots for each genre and were thrilled with the final product (and it's hard to please agents). On top of everything you made my experience so pleasant. Most times getting headshots done can be so stressful because you have to try and second guess what is going to look good on camera as far as clothing, hair, and makeup goes. But you were so informative and friendly and the environment was so lay back that I knew I had nothing to worry about. Sure enough I was right. Out of all the years of headshots I've done back and forth with different photographers, these definitely turned out to be the best. Thanks again!"

- Britney Gonzales

"Working with Teren was amazing! He's so creative and made me feel comfortable during the shoot. He is a genius when it comes to working with light, and was able to bring out my best features. He works with is clients to get the best shot and with his help I got the shot. Thanks Teren!"

- Monica Harper

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